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What's Inside?

Everything you need to create a killer data science portfolio that'll get you hired


The Secret to Landing Data Jobs

  • How to land a high-paying data job even if you don't have experience (hint: killer projects)
  • Expert's guide to landing 5x more time with recruiters & hiring managers
  • The importance of showing your skills & not telling them


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How To Start a Project

  • What type of project is right for you, and how to actually finish it.
  • Where to get interesting, unique data (The One Million Dataset Catalogue)
  •  The Data Project Checklist


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Data Analysis: What To Do

  • Finding unlimited data analysis techniques & templates
  • How to get your projects published 10x faster


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Packing & Presenting Your Project

  • The 8-step Project Write-Up Template
  • Multiple examples of write ups you can model


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Making a stunning data portfolio

  • Step-by-steps for building your portfolio on GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium, & GitHub Pages
  • Copy-and-paste templates for the most effective portfolio hosting system
  • 10+ portfolio examples to be inspired by


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Getting your projects seen

  • Why just building projects isn't enough
  • Turn the job hunt upside-down by leveraging cold messaging with your portfolio
  • How to get technical recruiters to actually look at your resume


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