Day 4: NFT Data Analytics Project with Python Pandas

Aug 05, 2022

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Day 4 of building 30 data science projects in 30 days. Today, I built a simple Python Pandas dataframe that explored the most overvalued purchases of the NFT project The Bored Ape Yacht Club, and we exposed who made this purchase...(hint: Justin Bieber)

This Project:

  • Took me ~3 hours to do
  • Has ~360 lines of code
  • Was built with Python using Pandas & Jupyter Notebook
  • Data was created using The NFT Starter Pack


How You Can Make This Project Your Own:

  • Tackle the 2 bullet points I didn't have a chance to do
    • What trade was the biggest winner & biggest loser
    • Who owns the most of BAYC
  • Create a floor algorithm that keeps track of the floor price
  • Find the must undervalued purchases (low $/Rarity)




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