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In this program, we cover everything from the very basics of what is data science and how to use it, to applied machine learning, and what you need to stand out to land your dream position. The curriculum currently consists of 30+ training videos that grows with time to stay relevant and up-to-date.

The entire course is built around BUILDING YOUR ONLINE PORTFOLIO by doing interesting projects that impact your life. There's no homework, only projects. 



MODULE 1 - Your Data Career

Jumpstarting your career in data

✓ How to cheat the system & break into data science without a degree 

✓ Setting up your online portfolio

✓ Understanding the data landscape

✓ Create your own data career goals and commit to your success

MODULE 2 - Fundamentals of Data

The basics of all things data

✓ Understanding the power of applied data analysis

✓ How to make data work for you

✓ Clear understand of Data Science vs Data Engineering vs Data Analyst

MODULE 3 - Data Analysis

Analyze your own screentime data with data visualization & statistics 

✓ The Power of Data Visualization

✓ Graph making & Dashboards in Excel, Flourish, & Google Data Studio

✓Descriptive analytics applied

✓ The cheat code of Data Visualization

MODULE 4 - Analysis with Python

Analyze your own fitness data with Python

✓ The building blocks of Python: functions, loops, packages, & syntax

✓ Use Data Mining to discover actionable insights on your health data

✓Master Pandas & Numpy

MODULE 5 - Starting with Machine Learning (Coming Soon)

Discover the power of Machine Learning

✓ Realize machine learning isn't hard

✓ Develop the math skills necessary to succeed

✓Become an ML Super Hero for your organization

MODULE 6 - Machine Learning | Regression (Coming Soon)

Make an algorithmic stock trading bot

✓ Build a money making machine

✓ Utilize API's to acquire stock data

✓ Master the art of regression

✓Test advanced ML techniques like ANN's

MODULE 7 - Machine Learning | Classification (Coming Soon)

Build ML algorithm to predict what artist sings this song

✓ Create classification models with Python

✓ Collect unique personal data  

✓ Master Sci-Kit Learn

✓ Apply algorithm to 3 different industries

MODULE 8 - Webscraping + Text Analysis (Coming Soon)

Scrape 1000's of job listings & analyze their descriptions to upgrade your resume

✓ Become proficient at webscraping

✓ Learn what skills are most in demand

✓ The basics of NLP ML

✓ How to turn words into insight

MODULE 9 - The Stats (Coming Soon)

Became a stats wizard by analyzing your own LinkedIn data

✓ Learn about p-values, distributions, ANOVA, Correlation, ect

✓ Monitoring quality control

✓ Hypothesis testing explained simply

MODULE 10 - The R (Coming Soon)

Learn the stats programming language

✓ Become proficient at R

✓ Project is still TBD but thinking Sports Gambling predictions?


MODULE 11 - The SQL (Coming Soon)

Analyze COVID-19 in your area with SQL

✓ Learn the basics of SQL

✓ How to deal with big data sets

✓ Analyze the spread of COVID in your area


MODULE 12 - Your Personal Project (Coming Soon)

Do your own data project from A-Z

✓ Formulate the business case

✓ Acquire data & cleaning

✓ Lead analysis & insight extraction

✓ Share results with community

MODULE 13 - The Jobs (Coming Soon)

Tips for interviewing, freelancing, & starting your own data business

✓ Where to apply

✓ Verbal + Coding interview tips

✓ How to start your own data business

✓ Build a network that pays off

MODULE 14 - Bonus

Recommendations, discounts, & extras

✓ Discounts on software, product, & other courses

✓ Data Hackathon Contests

✓ High-paying job leads

✓ Mastermind group coaching calls 2x/month


What People Are Saying

"In the last 3 months, I learned more about data visualization, charts and different data algorithms than I learned in the last 3 years at my school." 

Ethan Nelson

Software Engineer

"I was blown away by the accessibility of the content and how approachable Avery is." 

Jana Carter

Technical Law Support Specialist

"Avery is one of the most engaging and charismatic teachers in the data science community. " 

Nicholas Lowthorpe

Data Communication Expert

"His guidance was key in setting me on course towards job satisfaction and long term career growth. " 

Dallin Whitaker

Chemical Engineer

"Avery's biggest strength is his infectious enthusiasm for all things data and his willingness to share his knowledge and passion with everybody. " 

Suvodip Dasgupta



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