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Crush The Data Analyst Interview

An online practice guide to confidently conquering the data analyst interview process. This is the system that took me (& 100's of my students) from failing interviews, to nailing them with ease. 

    ✅ How To Land Interviews     ✅ Interview Success Training     ✅ Realistic Verbal Practice

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What's Included?

Everything You Need To Feel Confident In The Interview!

Real Practice Questions

Put yourself in a real-world scenario of verbally answering real technical & behavioral questions taken from premium companies

Mock Interview Generator

Get a unique, custom list of mock interview questions immediately for your practice, any time with the click of a button. 

Peer Interview System

Connect with & learn from like-minded peers & help each other grow by conducting a Peer Mock Interview. 

Interview Success Training

Develop a structured framework to confidently answer any type of question the recruiter may throw at you.

Module 1: Intro to Data Interviews

A quick introduction to the program & The Data Interview Quest you're about to embark on. 

Module 2: Mock Data Interviews

Practice makes perfect! Let's practice your interview skills in a series of challenging mock interviews.

Module 3: Technical Assessments

What to expect from the technical interview with example problem solving, strategies, & resources to practice. 

Instant Access for $99


Instant Access for $99

Practice Your Data Interview Skills (Demo) 👇

Truth is, data interviews are scary. Often the interview is harder than the actual job! We want to help you face those interviews with confidence. By the end of the Data Analyst Interview Simulator, you'll have practiced every problem you'll hear in the real interview & ready for that job offer in no time! 💪

We want to give you a sneak-peak into what The Simulator is like so feel free to check out this demo question pulled from The Simulator below 👇

Get Instant Access for $99

Meet Your Interview Coach

👋 Hi! I'm Avery Smith, and I'm the founder of The Data Analyst Interview Simulator.

I started The Simulator because of my own journey. I pivoted into data analytics from being a chemist. It was a long, difficult journey.

And I bombed interview, after interview, after interview. 💣

That is when I got some interview coaching. All of the sudden, I knew what questions they were going to ask & I had a structured way of answering them.

The interviews got easier & I got my data job.

Fast forward to today after working for companies like The Utah Jazz, HP, ExxonMobil, & more I now run a data analyst bootcamp.

I've helped 100's navigate the data job interview process & now I'm here to do the same with you!

So that's my mission, help people land data jobs. Let me know if you have any questions! 

Get Instant Access for $99