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The Ultimate Data Career Roadmap

The Ultimate Data Career Roadmap is a great first step into the data world.

For those who want to a crash course into what data is, what careers are available, and how to get started....

This will get you caught up to speed.

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Data Career Community Discord

With hundreds of members, there's tons of data-focused people to network with and learn from!

Find open jobs and apply with a referral. Get project feedback on your latest data projects. Live Question & Answer session every month.

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Top 10 Tips Masterclass

Gain free access to my 1-hour training showing you the top 10 things you need to do to start your data career. 

I'll give you my secrets and help you navigate the data industry.
(Watched by 3,000+ aspiring data professionals)

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Avery Smith

Avery Smith is a data scientist who runs his own analytics firm helping businesses use data to operate more efficiently. Some of his clients include Harley Davidson, SaasAlerts, and SmartBarrel. Previously, he was a data scientist at oil juggernaut ExxonMobil and bio-tech startup Vaporsens.

Now, he runs Data Career Jumpstart to help others start their own data careers in a world where people believe you need Master's degrees or a CS undergrad.

(Spoiler Alert: You Don't.)



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Have a personal call with me and we can make a data career plan that's right for you! As well as answer any questions or concerns you have.

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Data Career Jumpstart Course

Everything you need to get your data career started. We start from square one, and work our way to advanced data science.

Covering everything from the basics to machine learning. The curriculum currently consists of 100+ training videos and exercises.

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21 Days to Data Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge taking from Zero To Data Hero | Over the next 21 days, discover the world of data. Through solving the story of "Crime in The Data District", understand what data analytics is, and how to use it to become the most valuable member in your organization.

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