E47: Tripling Your Income in 18 Months with Data Analytics

podcast episodes Feb 23, 2023

Struggling to find a data job?

Well, you're not alone!

It's tougher than finding a needle in a haystack, especially when you don't have a network to rely on. But fear not, my friend!

If you didn't plant your networking tree a year ago, the next best time is today!

So grab your shovel, and let's get to work!

Plant Trees GIF - Plant Trees Leaves GIFs

Now, you might be thinking, "But Avery, I don't have a network! I'm a lone wolf!" Well, stop that howling, my friend!

Because let me tell you, having a network makes the job search so much easier. It's like having a cheat code in a video game!

So if you're unsure where to start, just reach out to people on LinkedIn and make some connections.

Don't be shy. Just try it. And don't worry; you don't need to be an expert in networking.

Just be yourself, and let your personality shine! Unless you're a grumpy cat, then maybe work on that.

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And let's face it, job hunting on your own can be a lonely and frustrating experience.

It's like trying to dance the tango by yourself. Sure, you can do it, but it's not as fun. But with a network, you have cheerleaders to support you and friends to share the ups and downs with.

Plus, they can help you navigate the treacherous waters of the job market, like a GPS for your career.

That's what happened with Kedeisha Bryan. She was able to TRIPLE her income in 18 months by using the power of networking.

You can listen to my interview with her on the Data Career Podcast to learn how she used her network (including me) to land her dream job.

And if you're still not convinced that networking is worth it, just think about all the cool people you'll meet!

You might even find your new best friend or future boss. Who knows? The possibilities are endless!

So, in summary, if you want to land your dream data job, start growing your networking tree today!  

You can listen to the FULL episode here 👇

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