E44: How to Transition to Data Analyst

podcast episodes Feb 06, 2023


"It's not what you know. It's who you know." 

You hear this all the time in the job search. And it's partially true, your network matters; a lot

I'm seeing less-skilled professionals land data jobs faster just because of their network. 

You might think, "Well, that sucks because I don't know anyone in the data field."

But you shouldn't see it that way. Instead, think:

"It's not what I know. It's who I COULD know."

Subtle, but a big difference.

You might not have the network now, but you can grow it. How?


LinkedIn is the fastest place to grow your network. 

And the fastest way to grow your network on LinkedIn?


You're probably thinking, "Avery, this whole social media thing is not for me. I don't post things."

And I get it. It's uncomfortable. You don't know what to post, and you think people won't care.

You'll be surprised how many will care.

And I'll tell you an easy hack to never run out of post ideas.

You ready?

Just tell me what you learned today.

What did you learn today?

That's it.

If you can post about something you learned today, you'll slowly start to build your network.

That's what one of my former students, Chris French did when he had 20 LinkedIn connections.

I had him on the Data Career Podcast last week & he talked about how he just posted daily with his data learnings.

20 connections turned into 40.

40 connections turned into 400.

400 connections turned into 1,000.

He landed his first data job.

And now 1,000 connections has turned into 21,000.

Now, you don't need 21,000 connections to land your first data job.

But 1,000 other people on your team won't hurt you.

💪Here's what you can do today

I challenge you to make a LinkedIn post about what you learned today. 

Just one post. That's it.

I want to see it, so tag me. I'll try to comment on every post I see today. 

Tell me what you learned. 

I promise if you start posting consistently, good things will happen.

Get to it. 

You can listen to my FULL interview with Chris here 👇

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