How to Land a Data Job Without Experience

Jun 23, 2024

There’s one thing you can do to speed up your data career pivot: transfer internally.

The hardest part about breaking into data is the “No Experience Loop” ☠


But having lack of experience is just another way of saying, “we just don’t trust you yet.”

You know who trusts you? YOUR CURRENT COMPANY.

They know you. They like you. They know you’re smart They see all the hard work put in.

If a data role opens at the company, you’d have a good chance of potentially landing it!

So what should you do right now?

Try one of these actions 👇

  1. Find out if your company hires anyone in the data space.
  2. Reach out to a current data professional at your company & ask to do a coffee chat.
  3. Talk to your manager about your love for data & ask for help.
  4. Listen to this week’s episode of the Data Career Podcast where I talk to a guest about how she pivoted her career with an internal transfer.
  5. Go buy yourself some Ben & Jerry’s. You deserve it.

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